Thanks for your interest—let’s start the conversation today. We’ll begin with an overview of what you’re looking for and whether or not I can help. There’s no charge to inquire, and you may gain valuable information.

Whether you’re here in Montrose or you want to work together remotely (by phone, video, email, and mail—who wants to drive and find parking anyway?), I’d love to hear from you! I can work with people in Colorado and most other states.

Here’s the best way to get started:

  1. Send an email.
  2. Write a brief (or longer) overview of what’s on your mind and what I can help with. Please don’t include any confidential information.

What about a phone call? The best way to reach out is to send an email. This improves your chances of connecting with me, and I promise I won’t add you to an email list if you just write with an inquiry. From there, it’s easy to schedule a time when we’re both available.

Typical clients: I primarily work with two types of clients:

  1. Individuals or families planning for goals like retirement
  2. Small businesses offering retirement plans like 401(k) plans

You look like most (but not all) of my clients if you:

  1. Are planning for retirement or a transition
  2. Are in your 40s or older
  3. Have retirement savings of $100,000 to $5 million
  4. Are not struggling with debt
  5. Want help from a financial advisor, even though you’re probably smart enough to figure everything out yourself (there’s just not enough time, or you want professional guidance)
  6. Do not want hot stock tips

More information: You pay me through hourly, flat, or asset-based fees. Learn more about what to expect here, and view some basic information on pricing.

As a fee-only financial advisor:

  • I do not accept commissions.
  • I am a fiduciary who is required to act in your best interests.
  • You are not required to transfer accounts or invest a minimum amount with me.

Mailing Address

Approach Financial Planning

236 South 3rd St. PMB 216

Montrose, CO 81401

Physical Location (By Appointment Only)

Approach Financial Planning (map)

210 East Main Street

Montrose, CO 81401

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Interested in a preview of some of the process and tools we might use? This video helps paint the picture: